Shaun and Eunice’s Ratatouille/Parisian Themed Wedding

When Shaun and Eunice reached out to us to style their wedding, one of the ideas they had was a Ratatouille themed wedding. We loved it immediately and decided to research further into it! The animated film has such a special place in their hearts because Eunice was hospitalized one day and Shaun accompanied her by watching it with her in the ward. It was then when they started developing feeling for one another.

Based on the proposal video that Shaun created referring to Eunice as his Sous Chef, we decided to adopt those titles and place it in front of the Ang Bao boxes. Baking tools, utensils and kitchen equipment were apparent throughout the movie and was therefore essential to implement them as part of the decorations. We placed flowers in whisks, pots and mixers which added a delightful and unique touch.

As the movie was centered around food/cooking, we decided to transform the guest signing and photo display corner into a mini market place, displaying flowers, fruits and vegetables! Some guests even had the opportunity to take back some veggies for their dinner. A little push cart was parked in the corner displaying photo frames, wine bottles and a RECIPE FOR LOVE.

Ensuring that the theme was consistent, we proposed the idea of mini veggie bouquet wrapped in burlap to line the pews! The outcome was better than imagined as the burst of colours was a great contrast against the brown wood. The couple decided to have a bread corner where guests could help themselves to delicious breads. They went so well with the handmade butter which were take home gifts for guests as well.

Lastly, the calligraphy backdrop on stage handwritten by Gift of Grace Design, was a love poem written by Shaun to Eunice back in 2009. We are so glad to be a part of this unique and quirky themed wedding and love how the theme was so consistent from the beginning to the end!

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