Themed events and weddings are our favourite here at Yours Fetefully. We are always up for a challenge and enjoy exploring themes from unique angles.
Our Mission is to deliver dynamic and memorable styling without you lifting a finger and ensuring that your event will be the talk of the town!

Our services include:

  1. Creative Conceptualization: Researching and coming up with ideas, merging your idea with some of ours to achieve your desired outcome
  2.  Production: Designing/ Crafting and Sourcing for props/materials to enhance the entire set-up
  3.  Budgeting: Coming up with a reasonable quotation within your budget
  4. Coordination: Liaising with various vendors to lessen your workload
  5. Logistics and Execution: Site Visits, Hiring appropriate transportation services, Setting up and Tearing down of decorations

How you can help us:

  1. Reach out to us at least 3 months before your event
  2. Show us existing references if you have any
  3. Let us know the theme, venue and areas that you would require our styling services