Andy and Krystal’s Neon Rustic Wedding

Hurray! One of us got married last November and it was so much fun. As wedding stylists, we definitely didn’t want to disappoint and wanted a theme that was really unique and outstanding. After much discussion, Krystal decided that she wanted to merge a neon sign and pink elements with a rustic theme which she always fancied.

Krystal met Andy as they both took competitive skating as a hobby. Bearing this in mind, we decided that it was essential to get a pair of roller derby skates as a reminder of how all this started! The 90s loving bride also chose some of her favourite song lyrics from N sync and placed it her photo corner.

Initially we were quite skeptical if the reds, greens and pinks would compliment each other well but they did! Our neon sign was also a hit as everyone also flocked to take a photo there. Attending your best friend’s wedding is really one of the best feelings ever! God, I was bawling my eyes out during my speech! haha but I would happily do it all over again.

*Sharing more photos other than the decor cos they are all so beautifully taken. Photographer: Bloc Memoire

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