Leave your Fete in our hands!

We style and conceptualize weddings, parties and events.
How do you pronounce Fete and why Yours Fetefully?

There are a couple of meanings behind our brand name:

1. Fete pronounced as Fate, refers to an elaborate festival or party. Just like our company’s name, we’re here to replace your faith in us with a celebration to be remembered by! 🙂

2. The complimentary close in letter writing: “Yours Faithfully”, is used in the instance where the author addresses the recipient as sir or madam, indicating a level of unfamiliarity that yearns to be bridged.

This mirrors the services we provide as we start out initially strangers to our clients, but seek to build a new friendship through the deliberate and dedicated planning of their special occasion!

Meet the Feteful Team!

Yours Fetefully, is a Singapore based venture started by Dionne Hoe and Krystal Teo in 2015. Wielding a keen eye for asthetics and styling for spaces and places, the excitable hands on-duo decided to start their own business of designing, conceptualizing and styling weddings, parties and events of all sorts. They are strong believers that beautifully enhanced surroundings can uplift spirits and bring nourishment to the soul. They are always on the look out for inspiration and are confident that their passion as stylists will be able to make a positive difference, bringing a lot more fun and cheer to any occasion.